Anti-apartheid hero Steve Biko gets a Google Doodle on what would have been his 70th birthday

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People must develop a hope" – Steve Biko — SteveBikoFoundation (@BikoFoundation) December 14, 2016"The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress" – Steve Biko — SteveBikoFoundation (@BikoFoundation) December 15, 2016Sign up for the Quartz Africa Weekly Brief — the most important and interesting news from across the continent, in your inbox. The Steve Biko Foundation also carries on his vision, working with communities to promote greater self-reliance through education and training. Even though he died at the young age of 30 in 1977, Steve Biko is considered a luminary among the pantheon of great leaders who fought apartheid in South Africa. Now Google is celebrating the 70th anniversary of his birth with a commemorative Doodle, signifying the importance of Biko to his country and the world. Biko was also a writer, a human rights activist, an organizer, and is considered by some as the greatest martyr of the anti-apartheid regime.

A fitting end to Donald Trump’s “thank you” tour: hoop-skirted Southern belles and water cannons

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The president-elect stepped off his plane—which taxied beneath celebratory blasts from two water cannon trucks—to thank tens of thousands of people gathered at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. Mobile is where Trump wrapped up on Saturday (Dec. 17) a series of nationwide victory rallies. We are really the people who really love this country.” Trump took 62% of the vote in the Bible Belt state last month. They don’t know what they’re talking about, folks,” Trump said about television commentators who scoffed at his chances of winning the election. Much of the world is still in disbelief about Donald Trump’s unexpected US presidential election win; the city of Mobile, Alabama, meanwhile, embraced it with unbridled enthusiasm this weekend.

Robert Durst Reveals the Secret of His Mesmerizing Screen Presence in The Jinx: Meth!

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All the screen greats have their little tricks: Dietrich had butterfly lighting, Brando had Kleenex, and Robert Durst—possible three-time murderer, heir to a real estate fortune, and star of HBO’s documentary series The Jinx—had methamphetamine. The Los Angeles Times reports that in the transcript of a 2015 interview with prosecutors filed in court on Thursday, Durst said he participated in the show—which makes a strong case he is guilty of the murders of his wife Kathleen Durst, his one-time neighbor Morris Black, and his friend Susan Berman—because, in his words, “I was on meth the whole time.” He is currently serving a seven-year sentence for gun charges stemming from his arrest the day before the finale of The Jinx and facing trial in Los Angeles for the 2000 murder of Susan Berman.

Former squatters are helping Amsterdam repurpose vacant buildings into rent-free offices

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Amsterdam’s Bureau Broedplaatsen, or “incubator bureau”, helps would-be squatters transform vacant buildings into live/work spaces for artists and entrepreneurs. They have a waiting list policy and have to do it fairly,” says Emilie Kröner, who manages Lola Luid with her husband Bart van Heesch. Because Lola Luid is not an incubator, it received no funding from the city to set up. The bureau works like this: people looking for space find a vacant building and bring it to the bureau’s attention. DJ night at Lola Luid.

Kate McKinnon’s Trip to Visit Santa Claus Didn’t Go Quite the Way She Hoped

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Or rather, her friends Cecily Strong and host Casey Affleck got to meet Santa Claus; McKinnon, as per usual, had a slightly different experience. By now, Kate McKinnon abduction sketches are their own Saturday Night Live mini-genre: she’s been abducted by aliens, had a near death experience, and on this week’s episode, got to meet Santa Claus. And things really didn’t get better from there. Instead of Santa, she met a nine-foot-goat man named Krinklemaus (some sort of Krampus variant), who made her pull his dogsled—“it wasn’t the worst time I’ve had on all fours,” McKinnon says—before dropping her off at the barn to help an elf named “Shart” check the reindeer for worms.

Stephen Colbert, James Franco, and R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe bid a dark farewell to 2016, in song

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frontman Michael Stipe and actor James Franco—updated it to better reflect the times. It starts with an outbreak—Zika and Harambe / Lead is in the water main,” the tune begins. Never a particularly cheery song to begin with, R.E.M.’s 1987 hit “It’s the End of the World” got a modern-day remix this weekend on CBS’s The Late Show when host Stephen Colbert—along with R.E.M. Afterward, he joined Colbert in song. Stipe was on the show to chat about some of his newest projects, including a book with no pages but a hole in the middle to escape the news of the day.

Trump Gets a Special Christmas Visit From a Shirtless Vladimir Putin on Saturday Night Live

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At the pace things are falling apart, it’s gotta be challenging for even a live show to feel current, and the structure of this sketch shows the approach SNL will have to take going forward. It’s hard to judge it as comedy, exactly—but as a distraction from an unfolding catastrophe, it was better than The Pet Goat, but not quite as good as Our American Cousin. How was this week’s skit, though? The big gags—Putin coming down the chimney, John Goodman appearing as Rex Tillerson—were drawn from the beginning of the week, while a few Mad Libs-style jokes were dropped in about whatever Trump’s done since then. Of course, if there’s one thing we know about the President elect, it’s that he watches Saturday Night Live religiously, so expect him to try to game the system, scheduling comical, endearingly stupid blunders for early in the week and saving the real cartoon supervillain shit for Saturday afternoons.

It’s Christmas at Trump Tower, and “Saturday Night Live” has loads of gifts in its bag

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Bringing it all home was SNL frequent guest John Goodman as Exxon-Mobil CEO and Trump secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson. The Electoral College doesn’t vote until Monday, and anyway, this was SNL’s Christmas episode—and in comedy terms at least, the Trump transition is the gift that keeps on giving. There were references to Trump’s curious pick of former Texas governor Rick Perry as US energy secretary (“I saw him on Dancing With the Stars,” Baldwin’s Trump explains. #SNL — Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) December 18, 2016As Bill Hader’s SNL character Stefon would have said, this cold open had it all. I love them both.”) And there was the practically obligatory reference to the newest word in Trump’s vocabulary, and everyone else’s: Unpresidented.

Obama cozied up to China and battled Putin. Trump is doing the exact opposite.

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By this interpretation, Trump sees China as a threat that will only respond to the threat of force. The consequences of this, much like those of Trump’s China policy shifts, are unknown — maybe they’d be nothing. Trump’s China policy is a recipe for conflictChina watchers aren’t exactly sure what Trump wants out of Beijing. And indeed, that’s what we’ve seen, with Trump openly talking about raising tariffs and considering the possibility of dropping One China policy. President-elect Donald Trump sees Putin not as a threat to Western norms, but as a tough and capable leader and potential partner in fighting radical Islam.

The Floppotron Is Back to Wish You a Merry Christmas

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Christmas is such a traditional holiday, but if you'd like this year's yuletide seasoned with a side of technology, Pawel Zadrożniak "Floppotron" has you covered with a cover of Wham's 1984 hit "Last Christmas. "Last Christmas," for its part, is a quintessentially '80s song, complete with a an unforgettable music video featuring Wham! We've covered the Floppotron before, beginning with Zadrożniak's cover of the "Imperial March" from Star Wars and later with the theme from Pokémon Go. The Floppotron is composed of 64 floppy disk drives, eight hard disks, and two scanners, most of which appear to date from the 1980s. If you've never heard it (poor thing) and need a point of comparison, check out the video below.

Man Angry Over Slow Driving Shoots, Kills 3-Year-Old Boy in Arkansas

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Tonight's homicide was a road rage incident, the grandma and 3 year old victim are innocent and have no relationship w/ the suspect. — Little Rock Police (@LRpolice) December 18, 2016We need your help locating an older black Chevrolet Impala being driven by a tall B/M. — Little Rock Police (@LRpolice) December 18, 2016 Screenshot/KTHVA horrific tale of extreme road rage took place in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday, when a three-year-old boy who was out on a shopping trip with his grandmother was shot and killed. Apparently, the boy’s grandmother “wasn’t moving fast enough at a stop sign,” according to police.

I spent 7 years working in retail. I’ll never complain about a long Starbucks line again.

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(Okay, maybe I'm most thankful for health and my family, but no more Retail Black Friday is definitely up there, too. Retail workers are busiest at the times when the rest of the sane world is relaxing. 4) Some memories from my retail days still make me cringe, shudder, and break out in a cold sweatLet's talk panty recovery. But I spent seven years on the front lines of retail and customer service at Starbucks and Victoria's Secret. Retail workers are paid terribly — especially when you compare it to the work they have to doAnd Black Friday.

What is the point of a female orgasm?

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The puzzle of why women orgasm is only emphasized by the male orgasm, which is clearly necessary for the survival of our species. But women do not need to orgasm to reproduce, and the variability of the female orgasm suggests that it’s less of an evolutionary necessity. The mystery of the female orgasm is far greater than frustrated women and their fumbling partners would like to believe. The orgasm as a form of social controlThe latest published theory on the female orgasm combines behaviorism with evolutionary biology. There are still conflicting ideas, and no definitive answers, about the exact reason for the female orgasm.

Hack This: Where To Write Code

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Within Windows, this is the natural home for writing old-school PC software in C++, C, and C#. 1.0) Supercharged text editors: Sublime Text and AtomFor the type of coding described in the Hack This series, this is the ideal category of text editor. A few are completely meaningless beyond one specific language, while a small set of code editors become programming languages unto themselves. Unfortunately, the world of code editors is a complete zoo. 3.0) Hardcore text editors: Vim and EmacsVim is hard enough to describe, let alone use.

The seven TV shows from 2016 most worth your time (and how to watch them online)

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FX Research estimated that 451 original scripted TV shows aired in the United States in 2016—entirely too many for a normal human bound by linear time to handle. To qualify, shows must have aired in 2016, which disqualifies shows like FX’s Fargo, HBO’s The Leftovers, and Netflix’s Master of None. Stranger Things, season oneHow to watch: Netflix(Netflix)Netflix’s unexpected sci-fi gem charmed audiences young and old on its way to becoming the show of the summer. Atlanta, season oneHow to watch: FXNow, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu(FX Networks)All things considered, FX’s Atlanta—a magical voyage through the titular city’s rap scene—was the best TV show of 2016. Simpson)How to watch: FXNow, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu(FX Networks)FX’s anthology series about O.J.

Tilda Swinton Emailed Margaret Cho, Who She’d Never Met, to Ask Why Asians Were Mad at Her

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The larger part of the debate has to do with the ‘whitewashing’ of Asian and Asian Americans in film. Cho relayed the story of an email exchange she had with actress Tilda Swinton during the run-up to Dr. In any and every case,Much love to you,TildaAdvertisementCho’s first reply:From: Margaret ChoTo: Tilda SwintonSent: Fri, 13 May 2016 13:32Subject: Re: Strange mattersSure! Strange, a film in which Swinton, who is Scottish, played the Ancient One, a character who was Asian (and male) in the comic books. Asian Americans feel as if we have no place in film and so we want one to be created.

Scientists Find Genetic Clues As to How Male Seahorses Get Pregnant

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A pregnant male seahorse. Unlike any other animal on Earth, only male seahorses exhibit a true pregnancy, releasing as many as 2,000 babies, or “fry,” from his pouch at a time. According to the paper’s findings, a series of genetic mutations throughout the seahorse’s history are likely responsible for the development of its curious characteristics, including male pregnancy. Five of the genes, like one that determines egg-hatching, were found in the brood pouches of male seahorses, “suggesting that they may be involved in male pregnancy, possibly through rewiring of their regulatory network,” said the study. Male pregnancies last anywhere between 10 to 25 days, and scientists still aren’t sure what evolutionary advantages this provides the fish.

Nike thinks it knows how to finally break the two-hour marathon

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Joyner estimates that at this rate someone will break the two-hour marathon by 2040. “I think if you had the right day and a bit of luck with the right runners, [he could hit] the low 2:02s.”Still, that’s pushing human limits in the right direction. Just under the amount of time it takes to play your favorite song is all that separates the fastest men in the world from breaching the two-hour marathon. Nike, for its part, is recruiting some of the world’s fastest runners—including Zersenay Tadese, an Eritrean who holds the world record for the half marathon at 58:23—and a team of scientists to execute the fastest marathon ever. “It’s unusual to break records by more than 1%,” he says—based on the current record, that’s about a minute.

Random shepherds, tortilla makers, and the devil: The surprising charcaters that appear in Mexico’s nativity scenes

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(FONART)All in a basketThis nativity scene was made in the mountains of the state of Chihuahua by Rarámuri artisans. In Mexico, nacimientos can turn into elaborate extravaganzas, with their cardboard topography populated by all manner of animals and plants that you would never find side by side in the real world. (FONART)The very first nativity scene is credited to St. Francis of Assisi, who is said to have set up a live one in 1223 in an Italian village called Grecio. It included water-projecting fountains and herds of sheep, according to magazine Mexico Desconocido (link in Spanish. All you really need to tell the story are the three basic figures: Virgin Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.

China to Return Seized U.S. Drone (Trump Thinks Beijing Should Just “Keep It”)

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China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters - rips it out of water and takes it to China in unprecedented act. “We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back -- let them keep it!” Trump wrote. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 17, 2016We should tell China that we don't want the drone they stole back.- let them keep it! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 18, 2016AdvertisementChina said it seized what was an unknown device to prevent damage to its ships. U.S. Navy/Handout via REUTERSThe Chinese government has vowed to return a U.S. underwater survey drone that was seized on Thursday in the South China Sea, effectively ending a brief standoff between the two nations.

In a Decision Sure to Please Everyone, SNL Puts Hillary into a Scene from Love Actually

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NBCIf there’s one thing everyone loves around Christmas, it’s Love Actually, Richard Curtis’ overstuffed 2003 attempt to ruin the Troggs forever. So when someone on the Saturday Night Live writing staff had the brilliant idea to combine the two, an instant American classic was born. A little context: on Monday, the electors for most states are voting to choose the President, which has led to an almost-certainly-quixotic grassroots campaign to convince Trump electors to save us from our own worst impulses. AdvertisementIt’s not all bad: the Saturday Night Live crew did an extraordinary job duplicating the items on the shelves in Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor’s apartment, down to the rabbit sculpture:A tale of two shelves. Saturday Night Live imagines Clinton, who dedicated one of her rare public appearances since the election to honoring Katy Perry, going door-to-door talking to Trump electors, employing the same tried-and-true Bob Dylan tactics Andrew Lincoln uses to try to convince Keira Knightley to leave her husband in Love Actually.

The 39 best TV moments of 2016

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Like any other year in this age of Peak TV, 2016 gifted us with many such moments. Better Things: “Shit”Better Things, an FX comedy about a single mother and her three daughters, is, on the surface, a series about women. Westworld: Maeve sees the factoryThe first season of HBO’s splashy sci-fi series was somewhat messy, but it frequently served up brilliant moments. But sometimes TV is less about the journey and more about those special moments that jog you awake, make you laugh, make you ache, make you think. But its single best reveal this year had less to do with time itself and more to do with those who navigate it.

Make the Electoral College great again: let “conscientious electors” do their jobs

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All of these factors lead us directly to a renascent Electoral CollegeThe Electoral College was designed precisely for such extraordinary instances. This is a less well-known purpose of the Electoral College, but it is again expressly discussed in Federalist No. Constitutional history makes clear that the founders had three main purposes in designing the Electoral College. )Given these developments, it’s time we think about how the Electoral College should really work. (This amendment partly grew out of recognition of the fact that parties rather than the Electoral College would perform the role of nominating candidates.

The 40-year failure to fix Zimbabwe’s land reform and prevent rural hunger

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Almost 40 years after its independence, land reform remains at the heart of Zimbabwe’s political and economic challenges. These continued Lancaster House’s willing seller, willing buyer, and fair market compensation principles, thereby protecting settler commercial agricultural production. White settler populations maintained access to the best land in the colony, where land holdings were based on color and ethnicity. Fast track to land reformAs internal discontent increased, and external funding for land reform dried up, Mugabe threatened to expropriate white-owned farmland without compensation. As discontent increased, and funding for land reform dried up, Mugabe threatened to take white-owned farmland without compensation.

The long route to winning the first African gold at the Winter Olympics

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Ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, more Africans are hoping to put the countries on the map. It’s probably not well known but Africa has been represented at every Winter Olympics since 1984. Back in 2002, before making Cameroon’s only appearance at the Winter Olympics, Isaac Menyoli had to start a national skiing federation. For the first time ever, an African team could participate in the sport of bobsled if three Nigerian women have their way. But for some athletes trying to represent sub Saharan African countries at an unfamiliar event, the journey to participating in the Winter Olympics is often nearly as difficult as their actual sport.

The last-ditch push for the Electoral College to stop Trump, explained

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That means that if, say, 37 Trump electors voted instead for Mitt Romney, the House would then choose between Clinton, Trump, and Romney. All sides agreed in advance that the winner of the presidential election would be whoever gets 270 electoral votes. Trump appears to be well above the number of electoral votes he needs, and that will likely be the end of the story. Interestingly, the House would have to choose among the top three electoral vote getters. In modern times, the casting of electoral votes has been a purely ceremonial occasion in which the state results from Election Day have been rubber-stamped.

Why amateur wine scores are every bit as good as professionals’

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So if you think it’s worth spending a hundred bucks to access the wine scores published by Wine Advocate, go for it. Most of the CellarTracker scores are very close to, and in many cases identical to, the scores on Wine Advocate. For the professional scores, we purchased memberships to three sites: Wine Advocate (Robert Parker’s site), International Wine Cellar, and Jancis Robinson. Jancis Robinson and Wine Advocate comes in at 0.208, and Jancis Robinson and International Wine Cellar isn’t much better at 0.222. This is evident in the arrow shape of the clusters in figures comparing CellarTracker with Wine Advocate and CellarTracker with International Wine Cellar.

SNL’s cold open: Trump, John Goodman as Rex Tillerson, and a shirtless Putin celebrate Christmas

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But the real treat of the cold open comes when Rex Tillerson arrives, as SNL brought in surprise guest John Goodman to play the role of Trump’s appointed Secretary of State. “And then we destroy Vanity Fair right?” Trump tries to interject, completely uninterested in the pair’s discussion of global domination and seemingly only concerned with destroying the magazine that recently gave his restaurant a negative review. This didn’t go unnoticed by Saturday Night Live, which dedicated the cold open of its final episode of 2016 to Alec Baldwin’s Trump receiving a special visit by a shirtless Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett). Tillerson and Putin exchange a dance and special handshake of joy. “Vladimir, I did not know you were coming so I do not have a gift for you,” Trump says.

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