NYC mayor signs ride-hailing vehicle cap into law

... | Aug 14 @ 20:08

Mayor de Blasio also signed other related bills today, including one that requires ride-hailing services to pay their drivers a minimum wage. If you live in the Bronx, chances are you have had a yellow taxi refuse to take you home. The cap specifically limits the number of licenses granted for ride-hailing purposes, though those with wheelchair-accessible vehicles will still be able to sign up. "Apps such as Uber and Lyft have become essential for those who have been passed by a yellow taxi or reside far from mass transit. Drivers were lining up to register their cars today before the bill was signed, according to ABC NY.

Fat Llama (YC S17) Is Hiring Software Engineers in London, UK

... | Aug 14 @ 19:49

As an engineer at Fat Lama, you’ll be responsible for crafting, building and running the software which underpins our marketplace. You should also be excited about helping shape the direction and culture of our engineering team going forward. Our whole team gets a say in the product & tech roadmap, and our engineering team takes pride in writing, testing and deploying new features on a daily basis. About Fat LlamaWhat if owning things was no longer important? Our customers trust us in droves – we’re growing fast week on week.

LG and Sprint plan 5G smartphone for first half of 2019

... | Aug 14 @ 19:42

(Reuters) — Sprint said Tuesday it has partnered with phone manufacturer LG Electronics to launch a 5G smartphone in the first half of next year, marking the first 5G device deal for the No. The company had previously announced it would initially launch its 5G network in nine cities in 2019, including New York City and Los Angeles. The price of the phone and exact launch date will be announced later, Sprint said in a news release. Sprint is the fourth-largest cellphone service provider in terms of number of customers, after Verizon Communications, AT&T, and T-Mobile. The LG phone will be customized to Sprint’s planned 5G network, and will be compatible with T-Mobile only on that carrier’s existing 4G network, John Tudhope, Sprint director of product development, said in an interview.

Why Saudi Arabia Would Want to Invest in Elon Musk and Tesla

... | Aug 14 @ 19:35

At first blush, Elon Musk and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may appear to be strange bedfellows. “Saudi Arabia is very much pushing to understand how new technology can be helpful to them,” says Knapp. Now, Dubai and Saudi Arabia are both working with Virgin Hyperloop One, to make a different Musk-imagined transport technology a reality. But, despite its heft, even the large Saudi fund is unlikely to afford buying out all Tesla shareholders single-handedly. Saudi Arabia may also be looking west, to Norway, for inspiration.

How Does Make Money? (2012)

... | Aug 14 @ 19:19

How to write a good coding article

... | Aug 14 @ 19:14

Wrapping upTo write a good article, you need to consider five factors:The purpose of your article Your students’ skill levels The examples and analogies you use The language you use Editing for smooth readingThere are a lot more tips and techniques you can use to write good articles. For this article, my ideal student is someone who wants to write good programming articles. A good article shows a student how to think through a problem. It doesn’t take much to turn a bad article into a good one. This means every article you write should have an end-point.

Xbox One's translucent Phantom Black controller arrives September 11th

... | Aug 14 @ 19:13

The grey and blue version costs $65 and will drop in the US and Canada September 25th, and elsewhere October 9th. In some markets, you'll get 14-day trials for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass with either controller, which are also compatible with Windows 10. It's mostly grey, with splashes of bright blue underneath the thumbsticks and on the rear. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, you might want to grab the second new controller instead. Meanwhile, the Adaptive Controller, which is designed to be more accessible by letting players plug in various peripherals, also hits shelves in September.

StarVR reveals its next-gen virtual reality headset with eye-tracking

... | Aug 14 @ 19:06

And the StarVR headsets have popped up in location-based VR attractions that companies like IMAX run. Slap all of that together with a handful of recent computer-science graduates and artists, and you should have a VR experience ready to go in no time. “StarVR continues its legacy of innovation that pushes past the barriers standing in the way of enterprise-grade VR experiences,” StarVR Corporation chief technology officer Emmanuel Marquez said. With the StarVR One, the company continues to target enterprise and professional VR installations. “StarVR is blazing new trails to deliver breakthrough technology for a new world of realism to support real business decisioning and value creation.

HQ Trivia comes to your living room on Apple TV

... | Aug 14 @ 18:56

Today we launched our Apple TV app where you can play HQ right on your 📺Download it from the App Store today! It seems like a natural fit with an Apple TV version available, though. — HQ Trivia (@hqtrivia) August 14, 2018 There's no mention of corresponding versions for Android TV or smart TV interfaces. Just like old-school game shows, you'll have to be at home at the right time if you want to tune in to HQ Trivia in all its TV-quality glory.

Meltdown strikes back: the L1 terminal fault vulnerability

... | Aug 14 @ 18:42

Meltdown strikes back: the L1 terminal fault vulnerability [LWN subscriber-only content]Welcome to The following subscription-only content has been made available to you by an LWN subscriber. Systems running container workloads will be only lightly affected by L1TF, while those running virtualization will pay a heavy cost. But now the newly disclosed "L1 terminal fault" (L1TF) vulnerability (also going by the name Foreshadow ) brings back both threats: relatively easy attacks against host memory from inside a guest. Spectre, disclosed at the same time, was harder to exploit but made it possible for guests running in virtual machines to attack the host system and other guests. The flushing of the L1 cache on entry to virtual guests will be done if extended page tables are enabled.

Cost of a Join

... | Aug 14 @ 18:28

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This cruel Bud Light smart fridge unlocks only when the Cleveland Browns win

... | Aug 14 @ 18:21

And no amount of cold beer — even ones locked away in optimistically branded Browns fridges — can quench those pains. Football season is almost here, and Bud Light has put together something special for the fans of the eternally suffering Cleveland Browns: Cleveland Browns Victory Fridges, a bunch of custom-made, internet-connected fridges that will only open when the Browns manage to snap their winless streak (currently at 17 games and counting). The fridges themselves will be installed at bars around Cleveland, as well as at the Brown’s FirstEnergy Stadium. When (if) the Browns win a game this season, all the Victory Fridges will unlock at the same time, letting fans across the city celebrate together in a technologically powered triumph. That may even be true, although we’ll likely never find out, given that such a thing would require the Browns to win a game of football.

Erik Finman is a Bitcoin millionaire: Now what?

... | Aug 14 @ 18:19

In 2011 12-year-old Erik Finman, already feeling the sting of bullies in middle school, made a bet with his parents. A high school dropout, a Bitcoin millionaire, and a teenage tech entrepreneur walk into a restaurant. Because Erik Finman is just one person. It was like an entire class dedicated to roasting Erik Finman. But, until I spoke with Erik Finman, I’d never heard the one about the teenage Bitcoin millionaire from an upper middle class family who turned out to be a kind, intelligent, and mature person full of drive and ambition.

This robot maintains tender, unnerving eye contact

... | Aug 14 @ 18:14

Eye contact mode has the robot moving on its own while, as you might guess, making uninterrupted eye contact with whoever is nearest. At present it alternates between two modes: imitative and eye contact. The robot, a creation of Takayuki Todo, is a small humanoid head and neck that responds to the nearest person by making eye contact and imitating their expression. The Simulative Emotional Expression Robot, or SEER, was on display at SIGGRAPH here in Vancouver, and it’s definitely an experience. That’s largely due to the delicate, childlike, neutral sculpting of the face and highly realistic eyes.

TensorFlow 2.0 is coming

... | Aug 14 @ 18:13

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth wows with city of Mayan-inspired Trolls and dinos

... | Aug 14 @ 18:05

This detailed, colorful city has become one of my new favorite locations in all of World of Warcraft. This odd combination of Mayan and Jurassic Park has created one of my new favorite zones in World of Warcraft history. Trolls have been a playable race in World of Warcraft since the MMO launched in 2004, and Blizzard has injected their culture with voodoo influences. Battle for Azeroth introduces two new landmasses, with each faction (Horde and Alliance) starting on a different one. Image Credit: GamesBeatWe’ve seen dinosaurs in World of Warcraft before.

Finding the Goldilocks zone for applied AI

... | Aug 14 @ 18:00

Here are some ways for aspiring startup founders to thread the needle with their AI strategy, based on what we’ve learned from working with thousands of AI startups. The time horizon of the algorithm’s prediction is critical to its usefulness and to whether it offers an opportunity to build defensibility. As each cycle through the feedback incrementally compounds the algorithm’s performance, shorter feedback loops are better for building defensibility. AI-powered contract processing is a good example of an application where the algorithm’s performance plateaus quickly. Instead of making singular “hero” predictions with long time horizons, AI startups should build multiple algorithms making smaller, simpler predictions with short time horizons.

Revcontent is trying to get rid of misinformation with help from the Poynter Institute

... | Aug 14 @ 17:57

To achieve this, the company is relying on fact-checking provided by the Poynter Institute’s International Fact Checking Network. Revcontent is trying to get rid of misinformation with help from the Poynter InstituteCEO John Lemp recently said that thanks to a new policy, publishers in Revcontent‘s content recommendation network “won’t ever make a cent” on false and misleading stories — at least, not from the network. When asked about this, Lemp said Revcontent also has the option to completely removing publishers from the network, but he said he views that as a “last resort.” Lemp didn’t mention any specific takedowns, but the big story these days is Infowars. If any two independent fact checkers from International Fact Checking flag a story from the Revcontent network as false, the company’s widget will be removed, and Revcontent will not pay out any money on that story (not even revenue earned before the story was flagged).

Intel discloses another set of processor vulnerabilities

... | Aug 14 @ 17:56

"Following the Spectre and Meltdown debacle, Intel expanded its bug bounty program, opening it up to more security researchers and offering larger rewards. You can see which Intel products are affected by the newly discovered vulnerabilities here. L1TF affects Intel's Software Guard Extensions (SGX) feature and the researchers said after the Meltdown and Spectre discoveries, looking at SGX was the next step. The company has dubbed this set of flaws L1TF, or L1 Terminal Fault. The researchers that spotted the vulnerability have described an attack that takes advantage of it here.

Instagram is investigating user reports of hacked accounts

... | Aug 14 @ 17:50

I tried typing in my email address to reset my password and it said there was no valid email address by that name. Like the account above, many users users also reported that they were hacked by email accounts linked to a Russian domain name. But it’s too early to speculate on a motive for the Instagram hacks or who is behind them. Fast forward to lunchtime that day, I’m receiving text messages from friends are asking me what I did to my Instagram account. “We are investigating claims of some hacked Instagram accounts and will take the necessary steps to help those impacted,” an Instagram spokesperson said in an email to VentureBeat on Tuesday in response to questions about the account hacks detailed by Mashable.

TechDen fights your kids’ tech addiction using... a box

... | Aug 14 @ 17:49

Here’s one way to get kids off the phones they won’t put down: hide them in a high-tech box. Of course, all this doesn’t account for kids literally trying to break the box, but that’s obviously none of TechDen’s concern. There’s a gamified feature that rewards kids for on-time returns back to the box, and allows them to check their progress within the app. When the window opens, the charging box, known as The Den, will unlock to let the phone or tablet out. It can also recognize each device, and send parents notifications about which devices are charging and which are currently in use.

‘Unhackable’ BitFi crypto wallet has been hacked

... | Aug 14 @ 17:38

The press claiming the BitFi wallet has been hacked. The BitFi crypto wallet was supposed to be unhackable and none other than famous weirdo John McAfee claimed that the device – essentially an Android-based mini tablet – would withstand any attack. As hackers began dismantling the device, BitFi went on the defensive, consistently claiming that their device was secure. Something that I feel should be getting more attention is the fact that there is zero evidence that a #bitfi bounty device was ever shipped to a researcher. BitFi did what most hacked crypto companies do: double down on the threats.

Instagram now lets you send private polls through DMs

... | Aug 14 @ 17:36

Starting today, you’ll be able to send polls through direct messages in Instagram. — Instagram (@instagram) August 14, 2018Like many of Instagram’s new features, the update is rolling out now to a select group of users on Android and iOS. The poll sticker has been available for Stories since last October, and since then, it has been joined by the Emoji slider and the Questions sticker. It works the same as adding the poll sticker to your stories, but now, you’ll be presented with the option to send the story to your own selection of users. Instagram is going full-force to increase engagement between users, even if it means turning the platform into something like

Tinder co-founders sue parent company for $2 billion over deception

... | Aug 14 @ 17:34

Then, the parent company secretly merged Tinder into Match Group, which meant employees earned far less in stock options. We've reached out to Tinder and its parent company for comment and will update when we hear back. Instead, the lawsuit alleges that parent company IAC/Match Group inaccurately lowballed Tinder's valuation in July 2017 at $3 billion, the same as it did two years ago despite the dating app's substantial growth. IAC and Match Group provided a joint statement to The Wall Street Journal that read:"Since Tinder's inception, Match Group has paid out in excess of a billion dollars in equity compensation to Tinder's founders and employees. Tinder co-founders Sean Rad, Justin Mateen and Jonathan Badeen, three current executives and four other former execs are named on the lawsuit.

Researchers use AI to match patients with primary care doctors

... | Aug 14 @ 17:30

The resulting AI was able to match over 80 percent of patients with relevant primary care doctors compared to the baseline’s 37 percent. Finding a primary care doctor is simpler than it used to be, thanks to on-demand services like ZocDoc, SimplyBook, and Doodle. In a new paper (“A Hybrid Recommender System for Patient-Doctor Matchmaking in Primary Care“), they propose a recommender system they claim makes primary care providers “more directly accessible” by improving patient-doctor matches. In the future, the researchers plan to deploy it into a digital health system to gather patients’ preference and evaluate the recommendations in controlled trials. “The underlying logic is simple: patients who trust their doctors are more likely to follow their advice and develop long-lasting relationships with them.”

Job ads hint Apple is bringing health analysis processor design in-house

... | Aug 14 @ 17:21

In a report published today, CNBC uncovered job postings from Apple’s Health Sensing hardware team that hint at a custom processor for health data management. In July, Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst with a reliable track record, said that upcoming Apple Watch models would boast better battery life and heart rate detection. Apple’s also reportedly developing proprietary power management chips for use in smartphones and other devices. “We are looking for sensor ASIC architects to help develop ASICs for new sensors and sensing systems for future Apple products,” one reads. Its W2 wireless coprocessor manages Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity on the Apple Watch Series 3, and its T2 wafer handles encryption, voice recognition, audio, and image processing in the latest-generation MacBook Pro.

Bird and Lime are protesting Santa Monica’s electric scooter recommendations

... | Aug 14 @ 17:19

Lime and Bird are protesting recommendations in Santa Monica, Calif. that would prevent the electric scooter companies from operating in the Southern California city. We first saw the news over on Curbed LA, which reported both Lime and Bird are temporarily halting their services in Santa Monica. Bird, which first launched in Santa Monica, has also emailed riders, asking them to tell the city council that they want to Bird to stay. Lime says it’s worked collaboratively with the city to design a program tailored to the needs of the Santa Monica community since day one. “As the most experienced shared bike and scooter company in the United States, we are disappointed by the City’s current proposal because Santa Monica riders deserve access to best-in-class technology.

Bethesda won’t change Sony’s mind on crossplay — but gamers can

... | Aug 14 @ 17:16

And if we don’t, and we continue to buy PS4 games, then — and I say this without judgement — it seems we don’t really care that much. And Bethesda isn’t going to do that. I understand Bethesda isn’t taking up this issue out of any altruism on behalf of those poor kids who can’t shift their Fortnite progress from their PS4s to their Switches. Bethesda May Not Release The Elder Scrolls: Legends On Systems That Don't Allow Crossplay on Game InformerRead next: Erik Finman is a Bitcoin millionaire: Now what? If Fortnite didn’t work, then it’ll take the denial of a massive, flagship game like that to really turn Sony‘s head.

Lawmakers ask Ajit Pai about false DDoS claims

... | Aug 14 @ 17:13

Pai and FCC Commissioners Michael O'Rielly, Brendan Carr and Jessica Rosenworcel are scheduled to appear before a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee oversight hearing on Thursday. To recap, following a segment of John Oliver's Last Week Tonight wherein the host directed viewers to the FCC's net neutrality comment section, the agency's website crashed. But last week, the Inspector General released a report that found no evidence of such an attack and concluded that FCC officials misrepresented facts in responses to Congressional inquiries. "The four Representatives have requested responses to their questions by August 28th. "Such ignorance would signify a dereliction of your duty as the head of the FCC, particularly due to the severity of the allegations and the blatant lack of evidence.

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