The Funniest Tweets about the Royal Wedding

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is she okay — priscilla page (@BBW_BFF) May 19, 2018My goal is to try and sleep through the 3 different alarms my wife has set for 4:00am so she can watch the royal wedding — andy lassner (@andylassner) May 19, 2018“I'm waking up to watch the royal wedding” -Psychopath — Jake Weisman (@weismanjake) May 19, 2018Yeah but how do I make the Royal Wedding about me? Good news, Royal Wedding fans: we fought back our overpowering natural urge of “JESUS CHRIST WHO GIVES A SHIT” just long enough to embed a bunch of tweets into Movable Type and then hit the publish button. #RoyalWedding#Toby — jon (@jondaly) May 19, 2018just got a sneak preview of what they'll be serving at the royal wedding… honestly I'm a little surprised — Mitra Jouhari (@tweetrajouhari) May 18, 2018only royal wedding I care about — Mike Drucker (@MikeDrucker) May 18, 2018Megyn Kelly kicked off America's royal wedding coverage today by discussing how many people would have to die for Meghan Markle to become queen. — Travon Free (@Travon) May 19, 2018Trying to imagine the string of tragedies that would have to befall a person before they woke up one day excited about a royal wedding. )Today Meghan Markle, American star of Hallmark Channel Original Move Dater’s Handbook, married England’s Prince Harry, the one who wore that Nazi armband that time.

Beijing’s South China Sea ambitions now include nuclear-ready bombers

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This is a video of a nuclear-ready Chinese bomber aircraft landing on an island in the South China Sea. For years, the US has accused China of turning the South China Sea—where a host of tiny islands are separately claimed by several nearby nations—into its own personal military base. In addition to China, the island chain is claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan. The official statement says as much, declaring that the tests are meant to improve China’s ability to conduct strikes “at any time” and “in all directions.” Bombers are, after all, projections of forward power. It marks the first time Chinese bombers are known to have landed in the area.

7 Celebrity Booze Partnerships

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The low-cal bottles come in six flavors: original, lemon, orange vanilla, pear vanilla, raspberry cocoa, and espresso vanilla. And he’s not the first one to take an active roll in developing a new line of booze. Working with Master Distiller Eddie Russell, they took eight-year-old bourbon and mixed it with Texas mesquite wood and oak charcoals. Except Dylan isn’t just lending his name (or singing in a commercial flanked by a bunch of negligee-clad models). Here’s a handful of Hollywood celebrities that have planted their flags in the spirit space.

I Stayed Up All Night with America's Biggest Royal Wedding Fans

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As Friday night became Saturday morning, a group called BritsInLA held a "slumber party" at the Cat and Fiddle pub in Laurel Canyon. On Saturday, as Prince Harry prepared to get hitched to Meghan Markle, British expats and Anglophiles in Los Angles faced a problem—it was still Friday night their time. The scene included huge hats, elaborate costumes, multiple camera crews filming the event, Union Jacks everywhere, and a lot of tired, emotional guests. But where some see a problem, others see an opportunity to throw a party. View more of her work here.

Watch Fiona Apple Answer Fan Questions in an Adorable Video with Her Dog

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Fiona Apple recently sat down for an interview with the Tumblr fan account Fiona Apple Rocks, as Consequence of Sound writes. We are the hope.” Watch video of the interview below via Fiona Apple Rocks. The songwriter opened the interview with a series of rapid-fire questions, where she revealed that she’s got new music on the way. “There’s always hope for women. The video interview also finds Apple playing with her dog, singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” and clarifying a particular statement she made in our 1997 profile of the songwriter, where she said that there’s “no hope for women.” “That’s not true anymore,” she said in the Tumblr Q&A.

What we loved this week

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16 cardsWhat we loved this weekHere’s the entertainment that got us through the week of May 7, 2018.

In Cannes, African filmmakers are plotting to take back control from European producers

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She wants to see co-production treaties created between African countries, just like those that African countries such as South Africa have with Europeans. “Europe has been funding African cinema for decades,” says Steven Markowitz, who works with filmmakers across the continent and helped co-produce Rafiki. All the while, Senegal’s Sembène Ousmane continued to flourish as the “father of African cinema”. Capetonian, Kallos believes it would help African filmmakers with the edge they need to continue to make to into the Cannes official selection, and even beyond. But the first and only African film to have won the Palme d’Or remains Chronicle of the Years of Fire, a 1975 Algerian film by Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina.

Texas School Shooter Spared People He Liked “So He Could Have His Story Told”

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Bob Levey/Getty ImagesThe 17-year-old student who confessed to opening fire at his high school in Santa Fe, Texas told investigators he consciously spared some students when he shot and killed 10 people while wounding 10 others. The at least attempted use of explosives was reminiscent of the 1999 Columbine school shooting where two large propane bombs failed to detonate. Friends and family attend a vigil held at the First Bank in Santa Fe for the victims of a shooting incident at Santa Fe High School where a shooter killed at least 10 students on May 18, 2018 in Santa Fe, Texas. Dimitrios Pagourtzis has apparently waived his right to remain silent and gave a “statement admitting to shooting multiple people,” authorities said. Authorities also found explosive devices in and near the school, including pipe bombs and pressure cookers.

It’s not just rhetoric: Trump’s policies treat immigrants like me as “animals”

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Henry currently sits in detention alongside MS-13 members who likely suspect that he was a police informant, putting him at further risk. The “animals” comments are nothing new: Trump has consistently dehumanized immigrants as a group, comparing all of us to rapists and gang members from the earliest days of his campaign. Trump’s rhetoric, in which he has repeatedly painted immigrants as “murderers, rapists, and drug dealers,” adds to this dehumanization. In Georgia, there are two gubernatorial candidates arguing who has the biggest vehicle to deport illegal “criminals.”This week at the California roundtable, was the president referring to MS-13 gang members, not “illegal” immigrants, as animals? It’s a little unclear whether these “animals” he was referencing were undocumented immigrants as a whole, as he seemed to imply, or specifically members of the MS-13 gang, which was the subject of some previous questions.

The enduring, dispassionate power of sunglasses

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A 2010 study published in Psychological Science found that wearing sunglasses may even encourage people be dishonest and ungenerous. The experiment at the University of Toronto showed that participants who wore sunglasses gave less money to a stranger because they felt anonymous. Professional player Ashley Adams describes why it’s not weird to wear dark sunglasses indoors. Wearing dark glasses is a power move, allowing the wearer to observe the scene without letting others know where they’re looking. From Libyan revolutionary Muammar Gaddafi to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, wearing dark shades when facing the public implies that they have something to hide, as the Global Post points out.

Everything you need to know to pretend you watched the royal wedding

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The groom: Prince Harry, a prince. Prince Harry is, as we said, a prince. (Danny Lawson/Pool via Reuters)What did Prince Harry wear? That would help explain the similarity between the words “regal” and “raja,” a common word for “king” in Indian languages. It is also notable that this is notable, given the various colors of peoples subsumed into the British Empire over the centuries.

Trump’s trying to fight Amazon and Jeff Bezos from the White House

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Amazon uses the post office for the “last mile” of its shipments, meaning to get a package from the post office to its final destination. In December 2015, he said on Twitter that Amazon didn’t pay taxes and accused Bezos of using the Post to keep Amazon’s taxes low. “If Jeff Bezos wants to tax all of our economy, are we okay with that?”But Amazon is also a beloved company. The Post’s Friday story isn’t the first time reports of emerged of Trump’s attempts to meddle with Amazon behind closed doors. Thus far, Amazon appears to be resilient to Trump’s threats, and its investors have shaken off most presidential-related risks.

I’m a Royals-Hater, Yet Even I Loved This Royal Wedding

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And then, to my shock, this very modern royal wedding turned out to be really quite good. The Duke of Sussex kisses the Duchess of Sussex as they emerge from the West Door of St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. But wait, he addressed the couple as “Harry and Meghan.” Harry and Meghan? As they left the church, surrounded by cavalry members and swords and cameras, and prepared to stuff what seemed like miles of dress fabric into the Ascot Landau carriage, a gospel choir sang Etta James’ glorious “Amen.” Even I am praying that this royal wedding fulfills its promise—because it promises so much more than you’d expect, in 2018, a royal wedding ever could. I wish I could tell you how many times Curry used the word love, but I suspect it was more times than it has been uttered in every royal wedding in history thus far.

Why We Loved Harry’s Wedding-Aisle Lip Bite—and Can’t Resist Overanalyzing Couples’ Body Language

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It all contrasts sharply to that other couple whose tiny gestures social media users have been prone to overanalyzing lately. In the first hours after royal lip was bitten, Twitter users posted it gleefully, along with raunchy commentary on the order of, “That lip bite! That lip bite! WP/YouTubeAlready, the lip bite has taken on a life of its own. The lip bite wasn’t the only viral micro-moment to come out of the wedding.

ASAP Bari Arrested for Sexual Assault

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ASAP Mob co-founder and VLONE founder ASAP Bari (real name Jabari Shelton) has been arrested for sexual assault. The creative director and former Nike collaborator was charged with two counts of sexual assault, according to the London Metropolitan Police. “Detectives investigating an allegation of sexual assault at a Shoreditch hotel on 10 July 2017 have charged [Shelton],” a statement from the Police department reads. Last year, a video allegedly depicting Shelton engaging in sexual misconduct made its way online. Shelton was released after posting bail, with an upcoming court date to follow this June 14.

This startup is repurposing life jackets to raise awareness about refugee crisis

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“For many refugees, the life vests are the last thing they wear,” Maalim says. Last year, he partnered with his uncle Omar Munie, a Dutch-Somali fashion designer to make the bracelets and bring them to the United States. Perhaps nothing personifies the global refugee crisis more than the life jacket: a poignant symbol of floating to hope and a painful reminder of what’s been left behind. Mohamed Maalim (right) donates $1,000 to an organization that offers immigration and refugee resettlement services (Epimonia)Yet more organizations and artists have responded, protesting how politicians are handling the refugee crisis. (Epimonia)Globally, forced displacement is at its highest, with over 65 million people on the move, according to the United Nations refugee agency.

The Best Hats and Most Flamboyant Fascinators From the 2018 Royal Wedding

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Autumn Phillips, Karen Spencer, Jacinda Barrett, and Caroline Greenwood Photos by Gareth Fuller (WPA Pool/Getty Images), Chris Jackson (Getty Images), Ian West (WPA Pool/Getty Images), and Chris Radburn (WPA Pool/Getty Images). Photos by Gareth Fuller (WPA Pool/Getty Images), Ian West (WPA Pool/Getty Images), and Toby Melville (WPA Pool/Getty Images)For those who chose hats over fascinators, wide brims were en vogue, though Oprah’s, with its enormous spray of feathers, overpowered the rest of her look. After all, at the last royal wedding in 2011, the sisters’ fascinators—especially the towering, tentacled creation worn by Beatrice—stole the show. Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice. Gareth Fuller/WPA Pool/Getty ImagesWhile Beatrice and Eugenie chose subtlety, other members of the royal family stepped up their hat game to fulfill our wonky wedding headwear dreams.

ConPRmetidos is rebuilding Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans

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According to the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College, 135,000 Puerto Ricans left the island after the hurricane. We have to make sure that the disparity among social sectors doesn't increase after this rebuilding process happens. For the past six years, ComPRmetidos has focused on convincing members of this growing Puerto Rican diaspora to reinvest in the island — in other words, fostering Puerto Rican development for and by Puerto Ricans. We spoke to Rullan, a former documentary production manager who is ConPRmetidos’ the founder and executive director, about rebuilding after the hurricane and looking to the future. But in September 2017, two devastating hurricanes struck Puerto Rico, and the nonprofit’s focus shifted.

BBC Trolls Trump Over Inauguration Crowd Size in Royal Wedding Tweet

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J.K. Rowling, who often tweets against Trump, also posted side-by-side photos with the words Love > Hate. The BBC channel took to Twitter to share side-by-side photos showing the crowds outside Windsor Castle alongside the crowds at the National Mall on the day Trump was inaugurated. Compare the crowds: 2009 inauguration at left, 2017 inauguration at right.#Inauguration — Binyamin Appelbaum (@BCAppelbaum) January 20, 2017BBC Three was not the only one to make the comparison. just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — BBC Three (@bbcthree) May 19, 2018The tweet’s shady caption included two words and the shrugging emoji—and the insinuation was clear. Matt Cardy/Getty ImagesBBC Three, the online television channel that targets younger audiences, trolled President Donald Trump just as the country was mesmerized watching the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday.

Volcanoes are awe-inspiring. Here are 7 things to know about them.

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America has 169 active volcanoes, mainly clustered in the West — in Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, Washington, and California. There are few things in the world more awesome than a volcanic eruption. Around the world, there are 1,500 potentially active volcanoes, 500 of which have erupted since humans have been around, according to the USGS. “[S]ome are active volcanoes, from which smoke, noise, and fire could be at times observed, phenomena easily interpretable within superstitious or religious frameworks. The Kilauea volcano, the most active volcano in the world and one that has been slowly dribbling out lava since 1983, is a case in point.

Royal Wedding To Be Released on Vinyl

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The ceremony took place last night at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, with the vinyl release to follow next week. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially married today and if you’re like many people across the world who didn’t watch the occasion live, you will soon be able to hear the ceremony on vinyl. Decca Records has announced that they’ll be pressing the entire service on vinyl, as well as putting the audio on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music in the coming days. “Capturing the words and music of this Royal Wedding is a great responsibility, knowing how much a permanent record of the event will mean to so many people around the world,” producer Anna Barry writes in a press release. “Our Decca team will deliver a state of the art recording which captures every nuance of this very happy day and it will be a joy to be a part of the celebrations.”Beyond the vows alone, the ceremony includes performances from British cellist Sheku Kanneh Mason, Welsh soprano Elin Manahan Thomas, the Choir of St. George’s Chapel, Christian gospel group the Kingdom Choir, and Elton John.

Juul, the vape device teens are getting hooked on, explained

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In 2017, the e-cigarette market expanded by 40 percent, to $1.16 billion, with a lot of that growth driven by Juul. We don’t know if Juul is more addictive than regular cigarettes but it’s certainly possible that teens getting into Juul now may be wading into a lifelong habit. Last summer, the FDA delayed the compliance deadline for the regulation of e-cigarette products to 2022. The possibility of another generation getting hooked on nicotine is a nightmare scenario health regulators are scrambling to avoid. “If they had bland flavors, then not as many people would [Juul].”While Juul’s official marketing campaign appears to be targeted to adult smokers, young Juul users have taken it upon themselves to spread the word.

Only Three Survive Cuba Plane Crash That Kills More Than 100

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Harrowing video captures moments after passenger jet carrying 104 passengers hit the ground in Cuba, exploding into a massive fireball. STR/Getty ImagesA Boeing 737 operated by Cubana de Aviación crashed shortly after takeoff Friday, killing everyone aboard except for three female passengers who are in critical condition. The site where a Cubana de Aviación aircraft crashed after taking off from Havana’s José Martí airport is cordoned off on May 18, 2018. A fourth passenger had also survived the crash but died in the hospital. — ABC News (@ABC) May 18, 2018Most traveling in the 39-year-old jet were Cuban, except for five of the passengers and the crew.

Meghan Markle’s gorgeous wedding veil was a historically symbolic masterpiece

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Also the work of Markle’s dress designer, Clare Waight Keller, the British artistic director of French couture house Givenchy, the silk tulle veil was a marvel of craftsmanship filled with subtle symbolism. The team that created the veil researched the distinctive flora of each country, and Waight Keller’s design weaved them all into a single composition. When Meghan Markle arrived at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, Britain, for her wedding to Prince Harry, her stunning, elegantly minimal dress rightly garnered heaps of attention from around the world. Kensington Palace revealed that every one of the hand-embroidered flowers on the trim of the five-meter-long veil was unique. Her veil, though, is equally deserving of admiration.

Remembering Tom Wolfe, for fans and non-fans alike

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At Crime Reads, Rebecca Romney explains what it’s like to go through the Big Sleep test as a woman at an antiquarian bookstore:The Big Sleep Test was inescapable there. What is The Big Sleep Test? The Big Sleep Test accomplishes all these. Welcome to the weekly Vox book link roundup, a curated collection of the internet’s best writing on books and related subjects. On the New Yorker’s blog, Andrea DenHoed examines the poetics of Petfinder:The descriptions read like poetic blazons: Behold the lopsided ears!

The government prosecution of a “black identity extremist” fell apart. Meanwhile, white supremacists are on the march.

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And still, black activists are seen as a greater threat than white supremacists. At the same time, black activists have often been sharply critical of the state, particularly law enforcement. It’s not that the federal government has historically done nothing in response to heavily armed white nationalists. Those histories shape how law enforcement, from street patrols to FBI directors, perceive threats in America. It’s that they lacked the ability to imagine them as a genuine threat to the civic order in the same way they did armed black activists.

Bishop Michael Curry brought the black American church to the royal wedding

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Markle may be the new English Duchess of Sussex, but her black American heritage was central to the royal wedding. Curry, however, is the head of the American Episcopal Church, a sister to the Church of England but not a part of it. Meghan Markle just became one of the first mixed-race members of the British royal family, and the royal wedding has not been not shy about making that point. His address was a break with royal wedding tradition. He is also the first black leader of the Episcopal Church.

Tom Wolfe wrote the book on elitist thought leaders in the age of rising inequality

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One of his most underrated books is I am Charlotte Simmons, a novel about a college freshman at a university roughly modeled on Duke. I am Charlotte Simmons also addresses what goes on at top colleges. I still often think of I am Charlotte Simmons, more than others Wolfe wrote, because of Adam Gellin, a lesser-known character who is a nerdy, aspiring elitist who would inherit the globalized earth. Tom Wolfe had the ability to spot important social trends before the rest of us did. But he proved in tune with a world of greater globalization and rising inequality.

Does MoviePass know what it’s doing?

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In February, it upped the price of that offer to $135.30, including a $19.95 processing fee. But what’s strange—and a bit concerning—is the frequency and scale with which MoviePass is making these changes. MoviePass pays theater owners the full price of each ticket that its subscribers use. It later tweaked the three-month iHeartRadio promotion to include three movies per month for $7.95 per month, replacing the $9.95 unlimited plan for a time. MoviePass reported this week that people who signed up between November and March are going to the movies at least twice a month.

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