Visit the Velvet Underground Exhibition Coming to New York City

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Trace the legacy of The Velvet Underground at “The Velvet Underground Experience,” coming to New York City this October. The immersive exhibition will feature six exclusive films, as well as a collection of portraits capturing landmark figures of New York’s 1960s underground scene, such as the members of The Velvet Underground, Allen Ginsberg, and Andy Warhol. See the exhibition’s poster below and watch a 1976 performance of “Sister Ray” by Lou Reed further down. Moving from La Philharmonie de Paris back to its roots in New York, the exhibition is set to open on Oct. 10. Influencing all types of artists from the likes of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain to the film director/producer Todd Haynes, The Velvet Underground have reached through time as a model and inspiration for how creative fields intersect and interact.

The 40 Best Movies on YouTube (Free and Paid)

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We’ve divided these movies into two sections: the 20 best free movies on YouTube and the 20 best new movies on YouTube you’ll have to pay for. You can also check out our guides to the best movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, Cinemax, on demand, in theaters and at Redbox. First, here are the 20 Best Free Movies on Netflix:20. Here, he turned to comedy for the first time, effectively satirizing his own cheapo oeuvre while also drawing parallels to early classics of the horror genre. YouTube has as deep a selection of new movies as anyone, as long as you’re willing to pay to stream.

Somebody Rode Universal's E.T. Ride More Than 50 Times in a Day

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Adventure is great—it’s easily the best old-school dark ride at any theme park not in the Disney family. Read the Orlando Sentinel’s story for more details, and watch Porto’s YouTube video about his own personal E.T. According to the Orlando Sentinel and Porto’s YouTube page, the college student set a world record in July when he rode the attraction 56 times in a single day. Adventure, the classic dark ride at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. can struggle to pronounce it properly at the end of the ride.

Dead Cells Creates Life with a Frankenstein of Game Genres

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All of this discussion about genre traits recedes into the background when Dead Cells is actually being played. Here’s how it works: Dead Cells starts the player off in the same space every time they start a new game. Not content with sheer novelty, Dead Cells importantly taps into the most significant aspect of both of the genres it fuses together. Dead Cells wants to bring these two diametrically opposed approaches to game design together. Dead Cells combines two genres that simply shouldn’t mesh.

Tessa Thompson in Talks to Voice Lady in Disney's Live-Action Lady and the Tramp

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) is in talks to voice Lady in Disney’s live-action reboot of Lady and the Tramp. Lady and the Tramp will likely be released via Disney’s streaming service sometime in 2019, but until then, enjoy Thompson’s Daytrotter Session with Caught a Ghost below. As THR reports, Thompson will star opposite Justin Theroux’s Tramp. She’s popped up in just about everything, appearing in Thor: Ragnarok, Sorry to Bother You, Westworld and even Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer emotion picture. Now, the actress (and Caught a Ghost bandmate—who knew?

Conan Scraps Music Performances

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Producer and music booker Roey Hershkovitz, who has worked for Conan ever since he interned with Late Night with Conan O’Brien in 1999, is exiting along with the music, Variety reports. For more Conan musical memorabilia, check out this Daytrotter playlist compiling the best of his shows’ performers. Soon to be gone are the days of musical guests gracing Conan’s stage. In conjunction with Conan’s imminent paring down to a half-hour run time, the show will say goodbye to regular musical guests, leaving more time for comedy. Starting in January of 2019, there’ll be more Neko Case tambourine throw-downs, Lake Street Dive kiss-and-tells or moody Johnny Marr deliveries on the TBS late-night program.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Blames Environmentalists for California Wildfires

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Over the weekend, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke claimed that environmentalists and green regulations are making the recent California wildfires much worse. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 6, 2018The California wildfires have destroyed at least 1,000 homes and taken the lives of six firefighters. According to Zinke, the “extreme” environmental groups, whom he referred to as “environmental terrorists,” are to blame for the recent wildfires. Throughout his trip, he claimed the wildfires had “nothing to do with climate change” and everything to do with environmentalists. Zinke traveled to California and visited neighborhoods destroyed by the wildfires.

Watch Taraji P. Henson Crack the Bro Code in What Men Want Trailer

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In the gender-flipped What Men Want, Taraji P. Henson takes on Gibson’s role as Ali Davis, a sports agent fighting an uphill battle for recognition in her male-dominated field. What Men Want will be directed by Hairspray’s Adam Shankman and produced by Girls Trip duo Will Packer and James Lopez. Badu’s role is particularly interesting, as she plays a psychic or mystic of some kind whose meddling imbues Henson with her mind-reading gift. The movie hits theaters Jan. 11, 2019; check out the trailer below. ), Wendi McLendon-Covey, Tracy Morgan, Josh Brener, Tamala Jones, Phoebe Robinson, Max Greenfield, Jason Jones, Brian Bosworth, Chris Witaske and Erykah Badu, as Deadline reports.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says She “Cannot Guarantee Anything” When Asked About the Supposed Tape of Trump Saying the N-Word

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JUST IN: Omarosa asserts to @KatyTurNBC that President Trump knew about the forthcoming leak of Clinton emails before they were leaked. This morning, Omarosa released a tape of Trump's staff debating how to handle the fallout if the rumored tape were to surface. — MSNBC (@MSNBC) August 14, 2018Today's news cycle centers around Omarosa's contention that the infamous—yet unproven to exist (as of right now)—tape of Trump saying the n-word on the set of The Apprentice does in fact, exist. Covering Omarosa’s book publicity tour has been one of the hardest jobs of my young journalism career. Some of the things she says are extraordinarily newsworthy…if they were uttered by someone credible.

Warface Brings Early Access to the PS4 Starting Today

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The first four early access packs are dedicated to a specific class—Rifleman, Medic, Engineer, and Sniper. The fifth pack, the Collector’s Early Access pack, bundles all of the content from the first four for $74.99. There will be five early access packs for the online FPS available on the PlayStation Store before the full free-to-play version arrives. The early access packs are the only way to play the game before its September release. The early access version of the game will see content updates before and after the game launches.

Live results for Minnesota primary elections

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Minnesota attorney general: Keith Ellison allegations hang over primaryThere’s a crowded, five-person race for attorney general on the Democratic side. On the Democratic side, there’s a competitive three-way race between US Rep. Tim Walz, state Rep. Erin Murphy, and state Attorney General Lori Swanson. Two major Democratic candidates in statewide campaigns — Lori Swanson for governor and Keith Ellison for attorney general — have serious allegations hanging over their races. There’s a large field of Democrats running to be the nominee, and there isn’t a clear frontrunner so far. Tim Pawlenty and former state Rep. Jeff Johnson, who ran for governor unsuccessfully in 2014.

Live results for the Connecticut primary elections

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A July poll gave Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who also secured the Republican state party endorsement, the edge. Manny Santos, a former mayor of Meriden, has snagged the state Republican Party endorsement. Dannel Malloy’s overwhelming unpopularity — and the state’s struggling economy — to win the 2018 governor’s race. Former Simsbury official Mary Glassman earned the state Democratic Party’s endorsement in May. Businessman Ned Lamont, the winner of the Democratic state party endorsement, is trying to make the case that voters should keep a Democrat in the governor’s mansion.

Live results for Wisconsin governor, Senate, and House primary elections

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Scott Walker all come to a head in Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary elections. Democrats are also eyeing a couple of Republican-held House seats they think they can flip — including retiring Speaker Ryan’s district. But a bitter Republican primary risks leaving the party bruised for the general election. Wisconsin Senate: a bitter Republican primary to oust a red-state DemocratSen. Tammy Baldwin is up for her first reelection, and Republicans are gunning for her seat. Voters go to the polls August 14 to pick their party candidates for the Badger State’s Senate, governor, and House races.

Live results for the Vermont primary elections

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Former energy executive Christine Hallquist could also become the first openly transgender person nominated for governor by a major party. Democrats are holding out hope that they can retake the Vermont governor’s mansion in the 2018 midterm elections as incumbent Republican Gov. ) Christine Hallquist, a former electric co-op executive, is also on the ballot and could be the first openly transgender person nominated for governor by a major party. Others on the docket include Brenda Siegel, an executive director of the Southern Vermont Dance Festival, and James Ehlers, an environmental activist. Despite the blowback Scott has faced, the Cook Political Report still rates the race — for now — as Solid Republican.

Live results for Wisconsin, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Vermont primary elections

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Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District: an opening for Democrats in the northCovering much of northern Wisconsin, this is the half-rural, half-urban kind of district Democrats are eying across the country in 2018. In deep-blue Connecticut, Republicans still might have a chance to win the governor’s mansion with a deeply unpopular outgoing Democratic governor. On the Republican side, former state Rep. Doug Wardlow and former state Sen. Robert Lessard are running. Wisconsin’s First Congressional District: Democrats really want to take Paul Ryan’s seatPaul Ryan is retiring, and Democrats think they can flip his congressional district blue. A July poll gave Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, who also secured the Republican state party endorsement, the edge.

We Should Dissolve the Nobel Prize in Literature

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Besides the people who are already in line for a Nobel Prize, is there anyone of reading age who takes the Nobel Prize in Literature seriously? The New Academy was formed after the Swedish Academy, which awards the Nobel Prize in Literature, had a #MeToo incident earlier this year. The 2018 Nobel prize for literature was cancelled in May, following allegations of sexual assault made against Jean-Claude Arnault, husband of Katarina Frostenson. But what are the chances the Nobel Prize Committee will give a luminary like Zadie Smith its highest honor? How long has it been since the Nobel Prize in Literature accurately mirrored modern human life?

A reporter confronted Sarah Sanders about Trump’s habit of insulting black people on Twitter

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This is the third time Trump has called Lemon some form of “dumb,” according to Smith. Trump certainly insults everyone — but his jabs at black people are much more dehumanizing, and frequently implies or says that they’re stupid. She also cites fact that Democrats took campaign contributions from his as evidence that [checks notes]..... Trump is not racist. — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) August 14, 2018But Trump has a history of inflammatory statements that utilize racist stereotypes and tropes specifically about black people. While he has certainly bombarded black (and female) public figures with insults on their appearances, Trump most often utilizes the stereotype that black people are stupid in his attacks against his opponents.

New Omarosa Tape Reveals Trump Campaign Staff Debating How to Spin A Supposed N-Word Tape

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— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 14, 2018However, Manigault-Newman's claims aren't the first when it comes to the alleged N-word tape. In an interview with Fox News on Monday, Pierson completely denied discussing the tape with Patton and Manigault-Newman in a phone conversation. He is embarrassed by it.” The audio clearly reveals that the Trump aides had not heard the recording at the time of the phone conversation. On Tuesday, a tape of the alleged phone conversation was provided to CBS. She said, “That did not happen, it sounds like she’s [Manigault-Newman] writing a script for a movie.” However, after the phone conversation tape was released on Tuesday, the recording conflicts with Pierson’s original statement.

Watch a Teaser Trailer for Matthew Weiner's New Series The Romanoffs

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Watch Amazon’s teaser trailer for the new series below. Before you hit us with a “nyet,” let’s also just mention that the series comes from Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. And from the looks of it, half those people make an appearance in the teaser trailer that Amazon released today, each claiming their royal lineage. Previously, he’s won nine Emmys for his work on Mad Men and The Sopranos. The Romanoffs will tell eight separate stories about all the people who believe themselves to be, well, Romanoffs.

The 60 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime (August 2018)

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After drawing up huge rankings of the best horror movies on Netflix and the best horror movies on Shudder, it’s safe to say I’ve gotten used to the challenge of diving through the refuse of a streaming service and searching for the gems. Here are the 60 best horror movies on Amazon Prime:60. The MonsterYear: 2016Director: Bryan BertinoBryan Bertino’s The Monster takes place at the crossroads between a serviceable drama and a middling horror film. Paranormal ActivityYear: 2007Director: Oren PeliHere’s a statement: Paranormal Activity is the most wrongly derided horror film of the last decade, especially by horror buffs. It’s halfhearted as both a horror film and a comedy, with a preponderance of jokes that thud and just enough that will draw an ashamed chuckle.

Paste's Power Rankings: The 10 Best Shows on TV Right Now

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We’re merciless: a bad episode can knock you right off this list, as much good TV is available right now. ClawsNetwork: TNTLast Week’s Ranking: Not rankedClaws is one of those brilliant TV soaps that fully embraces that it is, in fact, a TV soap. The Bold TypeNetwork: FreeformLast Week’s Ranking: 9And so it’s time to say goodbye to The Bold Type. So it seems only fitting that its second season would go out with a bloody wedding cliffhanger of Dynasty proportions. The SinnerNetwork: USA NetworkLast Week’s Ranking: 2Did you really think Carrie Coon was only going to get a few minutes of screen time?

Quake Champions Q&A: "You Can't Miss the Boat if You're the Only One at the Dock"

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Paste: So far, Quake Champions does not have the best Steam rating, and the criticism centers largely on performance issues. Like, last year you had Lawbreakers and stuff, no salt to them at all, I want there to be more arena FPS because I love arena FPS. I think it still holds all the same water in terms of what competitive multiplayer arena FPS games are. You mention that Quake Champions is among the only arena FPS games even out there. I mean, the Quake Champions alone without the franchise adds like Doomslayer and B.J.

Inside the Reddit Forum Where Panicked People Ask Strangers for Legal Help

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Databases of lawyers that attempt to help people seeking help—Avvo Legal Services, Rocket Lawyer, and LegalZoom—have all met major backlash. “In countries where specialists are allowed to give legal advice, studies find that they do better than lawyers. Reddit isn’t exactly known as a wellspring of wisdom, and r/legaladvice includes a disclaimer that any comment “is for informational purposes only and should not be considered final or official advice.” It’s advice for people who might need legal advice, but it’s not legal advice. I'm sure the people who have turned to r/legaladvice for legal help, or even just to learn, would agree. That being said, most people in need of advice can’t afford an attorney, no matter how desperately they need one.

Daily Dose: Iron & Wine, "Waves of Galveston"

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New from Iron & Wine is “Waves of Galveston,” a song Sam Beam, the artist behind Iron & Wine, wrote years ago. Galveston, Texas was a short trip from Beam’s home in Austin, and “Waves of Galveston” captures milky memories from the coastal city. Listen to “Waves of Galveston” below and watch a Paste archives performance by Iron & Wine from the Kiss Each Other Clean era beneath that. Well, now is its time because it is on the forthcoming Iron & Wine EP Weed Garden. Iron & Wine picks up his tour supporting Weed Garden and Beast Epic on Sept. 21 in Missouri.

Hulu Renews Castle Rock For Season 2

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Hulu’s Stephen King thriller Castle Rock is still in its infancy, airing its sixth episode on Wednesday. Hulu has recognized the J.J. Abrams-produced series’ staying power, too: On Tuesday, the streaming platform announced Castle Rock is getting a second season. Castle Rock was Hulu’s biggest original premiere ever, racking up a record number of views in the two weeks following its July 25 launch, per The Hollywood Reporter. Thomason said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter:Each season is going to be its own self-contained story: beginning, middle and end. However, there’s speculation that the returning season may feature an entire new cast.

We read Omarosa’s book so you don’t have to

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Trump, Omarosa writes, was unable to see the “pain and fear his words were inflicting on the nation with his total lack of empathy.” She claims in the book that she began planning her departure that August, after Trump refused to condemn the white supremacists gathering in Charlottesville. Don Jr. was clearly terrified of his father. Other White House staff referred to Pence as the Stepford Veep, for his worshipful attitude to Trump. Omarosa, who says she didn’t think Trump was sexist until she was fired by his chief of staff, sat in meetings where female contestants were forbidden from going to the bathroom.

The Angle: Kansas Muddle Edition

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Fruitless: Does Omarosa have a tape of Donald Trump using the N-word? It doesn’t matter, Christina Cauterucci writes. So of course, because Kris Kobach is a disaster, the aftermath of the Aug. 7 primary contest between him and the state’s incumbent governor has become a comedy of errors. )Could be good: Sex robots might help us be more flexible in conceptualizing what a good marriage looks like, Marina Adshade writes. Steve Pope/Getty ImagesNaturally: Kris Kobach was the Kansas secretary of state for almost eight years, and it was his job to make sure the state’s election procedures were shipshape, Mark Joseph Stern writes.

The Lemon Twigs Share A New Song From Their Rock Musical Go To School

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If you like rock operas, you’ll be in for a treat with The Lemon Twigs new album Go To School. The Lemon Twigs are currently on tour and will be joining the Arctic Monkeys come fall — you can revisit those tour dates here. The concept album doubles as a musical about a monkey named Shane who, you guessed it, goes to school. The album won’t be released until later this month, but we’ve already received two the first two singles, “If You Give Enough ” and “Small Victories. Now, we know high school is hard, but we’re thinking maybe this isn’t the best way to deal with it.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Expansion Begins Today

... | Aug 14 @ 18:25

Blizzard Entertainment celebrates the arrival of the Battle for Azeroth expansion with a released statement detailing what players can expect as it goes live today. Watch the launch trailer for the Battle for Azeroth expansion below. The standard edition of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is available now for $49.99 both digitally and physically. The Battle for Azeroth sparks a conflict between two of the game’s biggest factions—the Horde and the Alliance, bringing us back to the classic Warcraft and Warcraft 2 plotlines. Gathering resources will also play a role in the new expansion as players head out on Island Expeditions.

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